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Bolton Place Fr - Bathroom Project Section Head
Bolton Place Fr - Bathroom Project Section Head

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Unveiling Bespoke Bathrooms: Elevating Condo Living into Luxurious Retreats

In the heart of this condominium remodel, one of the key spotlights was on rejuvenating the Master and guest bathrooms. Our client's vision was clear - to transcend the ordinary and convert standard condo-style bathrooms into lavish spa-inspired sanctuaries. CALIBER Remodeling & Construction’s creative touch brought to life a symphony of luxury, combining opulent baths, invigorating showers, and twin vanities that impeccably mirror their unique style preferences. A spacious redesign resulted in a grander shower area, complemented by a sumptuous tub for ultimate relaxation.

Stepping into the realm of the client's older child, we extended our transformative expertise to his bedroom and bathroom. In the latter, the ambiance was elevated to an adult-friendly, hotel-inspired haven that could gracefully accommodate guests as well. A contemporary, high-end shower spa was meticulously crafted, seamlessly embodying the desired modern aesthetic.

CALIBER’s dedication knew no bounds as we extended our renovations to encompass another child/guest room and a versatile powder room. Each space emerged as a true reflection of the envisioned style, themes, and colors that resonated deeply with our valued client.

Through skillful craftsmanship and a keen eye for design, CALIBER Remodeling & Construction will breathe new life into living spaces, fulfilling desires, and turning visions into reality. Experience the evolution of your home with us.

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